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Begun in 2011 to develop games for consoles and later for the ios and android market, we have already released a number of games for the ios and Android market. We have also developed native android and ios apps for a varied range of applications such as virtual wallets, concert ticketing, directory search finders and a whole host of other applications.

We were born in 2011 – First ios game released in 2013 First Android Game also released in 2013 !


A Blast From the Past!
Our first Wii game was a racing game involving the famous Heathcliff racing along circus fairgrounds, magical forests, mysterious lava canyons, deserts and the grand stadium finale to beat the baddest Boss of them all!

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Steady your pool cue and look down the wooden whacker with this snooker game. Showcase skills as you knockout an AI opponent or players from around the world! Packed with realistic objectives, pot each indicated ball and pile up the points. Pot the wrong ball at your opponents advantage...

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Our Services

We provide complete development services for games and apps on the ios and Android platforms as well as websites and web applications.

Casual Gaming

We deliver end to end solutions for mobile, console and PC based games from conceptualization, to game design, game art, UI design, analytics implementation, ads implementation, coding and publishing. Our games range across a wide genre, with expertise in arcade style, to sports, to puzzles to card games.


Learning based Gaming

Learning with a game field approach has proven to be the most effective, whether it is a corporate environment or in a classroom. Our expertise with eLearning and gaming helps us deliver learning apps tailored to client objectives.


VR and AR

Our team loves technology and why not! With such exciting new tools at our disposal – Virtual and Augmented Reality, bring the gaming and app experience to life! Contact us to view our demo apps!

Watch the video of our coolest arcade game! Retro gamers will love it!

Our Projects

Games and other Apps

Logo Quiz Ultimate Expert

Logo Quiz Ultimate Expert is the trivia Quiz that takes the genre to new heights.

android Download

Snooker Knockout Tournament

Pit your skills in a 32 man tournament of the best snooker players around!

android Download ios Download

Finger Roulette (Knife Game)

Almost 5 million downloads! The ultimate game of concentration and focus!

android Download ios Download

Shooting Sporting Clay 2015

Gorgeous visuals, soothing ambience and the challenge of shooting clays.

android Download ios Download

Soccer Penalty Shootout 2014

Flick and swipe your way to World Cup Glory!

android Download ios Download

Deluxe Russian Roulette 2016

The classic deadly game of Russian Roulette is back! This time it's better, badder and way more dangerous!

android Download

Perfect Strike Ten Pin Bowling

World Challenge Tournament Tour - pit your skills against acclaimed professional bowlers in unique bowling lanes

android Download ios Download

Super Big Rig Parking School

The more you play, the closer you’ll come to passing each driving lesson and ultimately pass the school test!

android Download ios Download

Dancing Talking Baby

Endless entertainment is on tap with Dancing Talking Baby and kids love it too!

android Download ios Download

Crush N' Smash Monster Zombies

Armed only with your finger your must stop the waves of monster zombies that are about to attack.

android Download ios Download

Quiz Arena

Are you good enough to become the next Quiz Arena millionaire?

android Download

Finger Slash: Mystery Treasure

Hidden treasure reaction game where you must battle through many traps!

android Download

Toilet Roll Rush

Dragging a toilet roll can be challenging and fun! Dont believe it? Go on and try it yourself.

android Download

Slide The Picture (Puzzle)

Slide The Picture is a free classic sliding tile puzzle game for boys and girls of all ages.

android Download

Pyramids Escape

★ A Smash Hit Nintendo 3DS eShop Game ★ 54 Challenging Levels ★ 6 Awesome Worlds

ios Download

Wordsearch 3D

Wordsearch games just entered a whole new dimension! Play Wordsearch 3D on your own or against friends!

ios Download


Minebyte is a great arcade action game where you control a robot and fire a beam at data bubbles!

ios Download

Anomaly Spot

Anomaly Spot, a licensed Iphone and Ipod version of the popular Nintendo 3DS eShop game "Spot The Difference"

ios Download

Heathcliff: The Fast & the Furriest

Nintendo Wii
Play several different characters including Heathcliff, friends and enemies

Amazon Download

1894 Group Man City Chants

A quality app made by people who love Manchester City FC & who wish to give you immediate access to the latest songs and chants.

android Download ios Download

Pocket to Pocket by PFS

Use Pocket to Pocket by PFS to manage your PFS Prepaid MasterCard or Spark Prepaid MasterCard anytime, anywhere.

android Download ios Download

Our Stars

Black Cobra Studios




Art Team Lead


Code Lead


UX/UI Manager


Sr. Technical Animator


Sr. Graphics Artist


Unity Champ


VR/AR Unity Tech


Gameplay and QA


Web Team and Analytics

Our Skills

We have a complete development team ready to take on any challenges on offer!!!


C#, Unity, C++, php, SQL, html 5, css3, native Android and ios



illustration, animation, modelling, photoshop



Conceptual, Storyboarding, Corporate identity, thematics



Ads, data analytics, publishing, SEO

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